Paying for care

Financial assessment for residential care

April 2022 to March 2023

The purpose of the assessment is to work out how much of the residential accommodation charge will be paid by the Council, and how much will be paid by you.

To work this out, you will need to give details of your income, your savings and in some circumstances what property you own.

A Financial Assessment Officer will carry out the assessment.

Assessments are made when

  • You are planning a period of temporary care in a residential home (each time before you arrange a stay);
  • You are thinking of moving permanently in to a residential home (before you accept a place);
  • You are already living in a residential home and your financial circumstances change.

Assessments take into account

  • Weekly income from all sources
  • Value of property in certain circumstances
  • If you have savings of between £18,500 and £29,750 you will have to make a weekly contribution from this of £1 for every £250 (or part of £250) you have over the lower limit
  • If you have savings or assets worth more than £29,750 you will have to pay the full charge

Assessments will not take into account

  • You are allowed to retain £31.00 per week for personal expenses
  • Savings and assets to the value of £18,500 are disregarded in full
  • Some weekly income from the Department for Work and Pensions benefits is disregarded
  • Value of property in certain circumstances is disregarded

If your savings reduce to £29,750

If you are in residential care and your savings fall to £29,750 you should inform the Financial Assessment Officer immediately, as you will be entitled to a financial assessment and your care charges may be significantly reduced.

Temporary Care

Shetland Islands Council will disregard an additional sum towards home commitments.

Personal Care

While you are in residential care you will be entitled to £212.85 per week towards the cost of your personal care.  This will be paid directly to the care home.

You will no longer be eligible to receive Attendance Allowance, the care component of Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment. 


Further information can be found in our leaflet - CC12 - Financial Assessment for Residential Care