Additional Support Needs Information

What Additional Support is available to help my child in school

Every child and young person is entitled to support in two ways. First, the ongoing, day-to-day help of teachers, lecturers and staff. This should be caring and inclusive as a matter of course. Second, additional support is available to all who need it. This is tailored to individual need to overcome any barriers to learning. There are many additional support staff working in schools to help children achieve their fullest potential.

In School Support:

  • Supervisory Assistants
  • Learning Support Workers and Assistants who are appointed to schools to ensure they can support pupils with the most complex and challenging need
  • Experienced classroom/Subject teachers for whom additional training is available

It is the schools responsibility to organise how their staff are used to support pupils. The pupils with the most severe difficulties clearly will require the most support. However, many other children benefit from additional support staff in schools.

Shetland schools offer a wide range of support to help children learn. This could include some of the following:

  • adapted work to suit their ability
  • time with ASN staff (teacher or auxiliary)
  • assistance from a speech and language therapist
  • change of working space - for example, use of a time-out room
  • meetings to discuss individual learning plans
  • "buddy" support from an older pupil
  • use of equipment - such as a laptop or tape recorder
  • staff who are trained in specific difficulties your child may have
  • Schools staff provide support which is designed to meet your child's individual needs.

Support from outwith school (Central Staff):

For all enquiries about additional support needs, please discuss first with the Head Teacher or principal of your child's school or nursery. If you require further information, please contact, Lesley Simpson, Executive Manager for Inclusion on 01595 744024.

Educational Support Officer (Inclusion)

If you have further queries, please contact the school, or the Education Support Officer.

01595 744000

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