Additional Support Needs Information

What rights do I have in asking for support for my child

Parents/Carers have the right to:

  • information and advice about your child's additional support needs
  • have your views considered and be involved in decision-making about your child/young person's education and the support they receive to meet their additional support needs.
  • have a supporter or advocate with you at any discussions or meetings with Schools Service staff when your child's additional support needs are being discussed.
  • ask for a specific assessment of your child's additional support needs, such as an educational, psychological or medical assessment, at any time
  • If the child is 16 years old or over, they have the same rights as those listed above.
  • Anyone (parents, the school, or the Children's Services) involved in a disagreement to do with additional support needs in education can ask for mediation at any stage. There is no charge to parents. More information is available in the documents below.

Information on mediation in education can be found here - Education (

Information regarding Advocacy can be found here - Free, Independant & Confidential Service

An easy to read guide to additional support for learning in Scotland explaining your and your child’s rights, local authorities’ duties can be found here - asl-guide-parents-carers.pdf (

Information for young people with additional support needs aged 12 to 15 can be found here - My Rights, My Say (

Educational Support Officer (Inclusion)

If you have further queries, please contact the school, or the Education Support Officer.

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