Tingwall Airport

Islander aircraft sml

Shetland Islands Council is licenced by the CAA to operate Tingwall Airport.

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We provide inter-island air services, operated under contract by Airtask Group Limited, to the outer isles of Shetland, including Fair Isle, Foula.

Book Passenger Flights

To book a flight please contact Airtask Group Limited on 01595 840246 or by email lwk.ops@airtask.com. Flight timetables are available on the Airtask website.

A Dial-A-Ride Taxi transport link for each flight operates between Tingwall Airport and the Viking Bus Station, Lerwick. To book please phone 01595 745745 by 4pm the previous day.


Unmanned Aircraft / Drone Procedure

The area surrounding Tingwall Airport is a Flight Restriction Zone (FRZ). A map of the FRZ can be found on the NATS drones website. Further information related to drones can be found on the CAA website.

It is illegal to fly any drone at any time within these restricted zones unless you have permission from air traffic control at the airport or, if air traffic control is not operational, from the airport itself.

Please contact the Duty AFISO to obtain permission to use the FRZ for drone activity.

Duty AFISO 01595744481 (office hours)

dutyfisotingwall@shetland.gov.uk (office hours)

07766421058 / 07775407814 (out of hours)