Support Available

With you for you


With You For You is a process for adults aged 18+ who require support due to serious illness, physical disability, learning disability, mental health problems or frailty because of old age; and require the support of more than one organisation in Shetland.

We aim to listen to you, to identify your goals and needs, and for those that are eligible, begin to explore possible solutions and support. To be eligible for support your needs will have a significant impact on your quality of life and wellbeing.

To speak about With You For You or start the process please contact us at Social Work.

Understanding you

With You For You includes the completion of the ‘Understanding You’ assessment form, which gathers relevant and appropriate information about you, and aims to inform how all the organisations will work together to best meet your needs.

The Understanding You assessment aims to collect information about what is important to you and how others can help you achieve the things you want. It also helps to determine which services you are eligible to receive. The Understanding You gathers information about :

  • Looking after yourself and staying as well as you can.
  • Living where and how you want.
  • Having contact with others.
  • Having things to do.
  • Staying as safe as you can.
  • Being listened to and having your say.

The Understanding You also collects personal information about your age, gender, race, religion, sexuality, whether you are disabled etc. This information goes to help make things better, it tells services where to direct their support, shows organisations if certain people aren’t making the most of them; and it makes sure that you get the support you need. This information will only ever be used to ensure that you have equal access to the support you need, to make sure you are not discriminated against. You do have the option not to give this information.

Who is involved

The organisations involved in With You For You include:

  • Shetland Islands Council
  • NHS Shetland
  • Police Scotland, Shetland Area Command
  • Hjaltland Housing Association
  • Voluntary Action Shetland - those organisations who have signed up to With You For You partnership agreement.

Each of these organisations help to provide information about you as appropriate to your need. This is in order to ensure we understand your needs and can see information stored on the shared computer system.