Housing Rent

Paying My Rent

All new tenants are seen by their area Housing Officer before they sign their Tenancy Agreement. In addition to this, they will meet with a member of the Finance service. 

Tenants are told of the importance of paying rent and of the methods by which they can pay. Tenants will also be informed of the availability of benefits available and the need to apply promptly and provide information to back up their claim as soon as possible.

Council staff will advise on Housing Benefit, Universal Credit and Council Tax Reduction.  If any of these benefits are awarded, it is the responsibility of the tenant to provide up to date information, and provide any updates about any change in personal circumstances.  Rent should be paid two weeks in advance.

You can pay your rent in the following ways:


Use your debit or credit card.

       Pay Online

Direct Debit

Direct Debit can be done on a monthly basis on either the 1st, 15th or the last working day of each month.  It is also available weekly on a Friday. 

If you wish to pay by Direct Debit please call the office on 01595 744648/4629 and the form can be completed over the phone. 

There is a maximum period of seven days before a Direct Debit can start. It is very important that you discuss with the Rent Officer what payments you should make before your Direct Debit starts, to prevent your account from falling behind.

When your Direct Debit is set up we will write to advise you of the amount we plan to request and the date the payments will be taken.

Once your Direct Debit is activated, there is no requirement to complete another mandate when your payment changes. The change will be made automatically and you will be advised by letter in advance of the change. Payments will only be changed if we send you notification of this.

Pay your Rent over the phone

Payments by Debit or Credit Card can be made by telephoning 01595 744648 / 4629 / 4630 during office hours. If phoning, please ensure you have all your card details, and it is helpful if you have the rent reference number and amount you wish to pay.

Pay your Rent by Post

Send your cheque payable to the Shetland Islands Council to the Revenues Section, 8 North Ness Business Park, Lerwick, Shetland. ZE1 0LZ. A receipt will not be given unless requested.

Paying at the Post Office

You can also make payments by cash or cheque at the Post Office, using an Allpay swipe card. To request a card please call 01595 74 4648 / 4629 / 4630 during office hours.  

Paying by Standing Order

You can pay by Standing Order either weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly. 

It is important to check with your Bank/Building Society before completing a Standing Order form as some Banks/Building Societies do not allow two weekly or four weekly payments.  Some types of bank account are also unsuitable for Standing Order payments.

It is also important to contact the SIC Finance to inform us that you have chosen to pay by Standing Order, and to request a mandate to set up payments.

With a Standing Order, you are responsible for telling your Bank/Building Society if you wish to alter the amount of your Standing Order when your rent changes. If you want this to happen automatically, you should consider paying your rent by Direct Debit instead.