Housing Rent

Housing Revenue Account & General Fund Properties

Below are some frequently asked questions about the differences between the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) and the General Fund and how that affects properties within each fund.

What is the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) and why is it different?
The HRA is a ring-fenced, separate account that can only be used to pay for services to HRA tenants.  It is funded by the income raised from tenants’ rents.

Are all of the Council’s houses on the HRA?
Not all of them.  There are specific properties which are only used for temporary accommodation for homelessness, and some properties which previously belonged to other services which were transferred to Housing to manage, examples include some schoolhouses 

So if they are not on the HRA, what does that mean?
It means that those properties and any services provided to them are not funded from HRA tenants’ rents.  Instead they are part of what is called the Council’s General Fund, which provides wider services to the public and is funded partly by Council Tax and Scottish Government grant.

Why does the rent freeze not apply to those properties and services?
The decision made by the Council on 16th February 2022 was to freeze the rents on the HRA and to freeze the Council Tax.  There was no proposal to freeze General Fund charges.  Those charges cover a wide range of Council Services such as school meals, bus fares, ferry fares, library services, hire charges for various halls and premises, e.g Islesburgh, Gilbertson Park, Town Hall, etc., as well as charges for some properties and services managed by Housing.