Housing Rent

How much is my Rent

SIC Housing - Rents for General and Sheltered properties

Rent levels vary according to the size of the property, whether it is in Lerwick or outwith Lerwick.

The majority of SIC properties are funded through the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) which is a separate fund only for SIC tenant rents.  The rents below show the charges for 2022/2023.   


Number of bedrooms 2022/23 weekly charge
Bedsit £54.12
1 £70.69
2 £81.14
3 £97.72
4 £113.87

Outwith Lerwick

Number of bedrooms 2022/23 weekly charge
Bedsit £51.68
1 £67.41
2 £77.09
3 £92.83
4 £108.17
5 £123.91
7 £154.58

Some SIC properties are funded through the General Fund, mainly temporary accommodation and some properties that were transferred from other Services to Housing to manage.  The rents for these properties are 2.5% higher than HRA properties.

Homeless person accommodation

The rent charged is more than for general accommodation. This is because the charges cover the costs of managing the accommodation and providing furniture, carpets and curtains etc. Sometimes the charges also include electricity and council tax. The rent and charges may also differ depending on the type of temporary housing provided.

SIC Housing - Rents for Garages
Type of Garage 2022/2023 weekly charge
Garage Rents (no electricity) £11.90
Garage Rents (electricity) £17.00
Double Garage (electricity) £25.45
Garage Site £ 5.40

Please note that non Council House tenants also have to pay VAT @ 20%.

The rent structure is due to be reviewed as part of the HRA Business Plan during 2022, involving tenants with the options considered. 

For further information on HRA and General fund please see the next page.