Housing Rent

What happens if I fall behind with my rent?

Rent Arrears and Advice

We know that some of our tenants may be feeling the pinch at the moment The Covid-19 pandemic is having a financial impact on many local households. If you are struggling to pay your rent or household bills, a range of financial help, support and advice is available in Shetland.

If you have built up any rent arrears over the last few months you should call us straight away. We can offer you a range of advice and support including referrals to make sure your income is maximised and consider other financial advice. 

It's vital you don't ignore your arrears, they can build up quickly and can become very difficult to pay back. If you are struggling to pay your rent or our Recovery Officers have tried to contact you because you already have arrears please get in touch on 01595 744623 or email : income.recovery@shetland.gov.uk. We can discuss an affordable repayment plan and can put you in contact with other agencies who are here to help.

If you are already receiving the housing element of Universal Credit, it is your responsibility to update your rent costs when you receive your rent increase notification letter.  You should contact the DWP through your online journal as soon as possible as the Council cannot update your Universal Credit claim on your behalf.  If you do not make contact, you will find yourself in rent arrears. 


Who can I contact for help?

To discuss Arrears of Rent: -

Call the Recovery Section on 01595 744623.

e-mail: income.recovery@shetland.gov.uk


To discuss any Rent issues: -

Call the Rent Section on 01595 744648

e-mail rents@shetland.gov.uk


To find out about Housing Benefit:-
Call the Benefits Section on 01595 744682

e-mail: benefits@shetland.gov.uk


To find out about Universal Credit
Call the DWP on 01595 732000



Citizens Advice Bureau

For free, confidential and independent advice on issues including debt, consumer rights, benefit entitlements, housing, employment and immigration.

Specialist debt, benefits and employment advice with tribunal representation service.



Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau, Market House, 14 Market Street, Lerwick ZE1 0JP

Tel: 01595 694696

email: sicab@shetland.org

website: www.shetlandcab.org.uk/