Tenant Information

Letting Standard

The list below describes how an outgoing tenant should leave the property and the incoming tenant should expect to find their new home. The standards in BOLD are required to be met before a tenant signs a tenancy agreement and given the keys to a property. The other standards are not essential for letting a property and such works can be carried out after the tenant has signed their tenancy agreement and been given the keys.

General Standard

  • The home will be wind and watertight, safe and secure.
  • A valid energy performance certificate will be displayed in the property.
  • The home will have a working heating system and instructions will be available.


  • Electrical wiring, switches, sockets and light pendants will be in working order.
  • Smoke alarms will be in working order.


  • As a minimum, spaces and services are provided for a cooker, washing machine and under counter fridge.
  • Sinks will be in working order, taps being free of leaks or drips and plugs will be fitted.
  • Plumbing, where visible, will be checked and in working order.
  • Kitchen units and drawers will be sound and useable.
  • Worktops will be free from significant damage.
  • Where fitted, extractor fans will be in working order.


  • Toilets, wash hand basins, taps, baths and showers, where fitted, will be secure and free from leaks, significant chips and cracks and plugs will be fitted.
  • Plumbing, where visible, will be checked and in working order.
  • Where fitted, extractor fans will be in working order.

Windows and Doors

  • External doors and windows will be secure and wind and watertight.
  • All doors and windows will be in working order.
  • Internal glazing will be intact and compliant with safety standards.
  • 2 sets of keys will be provided for each external door.
  • Safety restrictors on windows (where fitted) will be in working order.

Floors and stairs

  • Floors will be safe and secure and ready for floor coverings.
  • Stairs, handrails and banisters will be safe and secure.
  • All flooring to be removed. Flooring can only be left where there is an agreement with the SIC Inspection Officer, or with a new tenant and the SIC has been informed.

Walls & Ceilings

  • Will be free from large cracks, loose plaster and large holes.
  • There will be no polystyrene tiles or polystyrene coving in the property.
  • Skirtings and door facings will be renewed if missing or badly damaged.

Cleanliness (inside and outside)

  • The property will be clear of all furniture, floor coverings and belongings (including loft) – unless a prior agreement in writing has been made between outgoing and incoming tenant and shared with SIC Housing.
  • All surfaces will be wiped down including windows, kitchen and bathroom. All floor surfaces should be swept/vacuumed. Any mould needs to be cleaned.
  • The garden will be in a neat and tidy condition with the grass cut and clear of all rubbish and belongings.
  • All of the above should be completed by the outgoing tenant. Where this is not done, the Housing Service will complete the work and recharge the previous tenant accordingly.


  • The decoration will be clean with wallpaper intact.
  • Damaged plasterboard will be repaired/filled and ready for redecoration.

Please note –

Decoration - is a tenant’s responsibility.

Alterations - where non-standard alterations, for example showers, internal doors etc are left, the new tenant will be asked to sign an alteration agreement accepting responsibility for continuing maintenance. Otherwise, such items will be removed. Non-standard tenant alterations will only be left if they are safe, visually acceptable and maintainable. Where applicable, they need to meet the current Building Regulations at time of installation.

Recharges – Outgoing tenants will be recharged the cost of any corrective actions which have to be taken as a result of not carrying out works which were their responsibility.

Temporary accommodation – This letting standard applies to all SIC properties. For temporary accommodation, the provision of furniture and white goods, along with internal decoration, is the responsibility of the Housing Service.

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