Tenant Information

Estate Inspections

The annual Estate Inspections were carried out in schemes across Shetland during the summer months of 2021. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Estate Inspections were carried out in a slightly different way to ensure the safety of our tenants and staff.

The majority of schemes were visited, with most of the schemes being in good condition with tenants looking after their homes and gardens.  Some grass cutting was identified as needing done which was brought to the attenion of tenants.  A number of cars were reported to our Environmental Health colleagues for checking.  We also identified some work required for the Roads Serice and this has been passed on.

Please note that inspections are done regularly throoughout the year.  If you have any concerns about your estate, please contact us.


All you need to know about Estate Inspections

The Housing Service is committed to making our estates good places to live.  To help us achieve this we want to include our tenants in assessing and improving our estates and neighbourhoods.


What is an Estate Inspection

An Estate Inspection is a planned and publicised walk around your estate, neighbourhood or street.  At the inspection, we are looking at how well our tenants are keeping their homes and gardens, as well as looking for anything that's not right in your neighbourhood or with the outside of your homes or common areas including untidy gardens, abandoned cars, dog fouling etc.


Who is involved

The Inspection Officer for the area will carry out the assessment.  Due to Covid, other council staff or Councillors were not invted to attend this year.


What happens after the Estate Inspection

Follow up will be done soon after the inspection to ensure the issues raised at the estate inspections are being dealt with and tenants will be kept up to date with progress. 


How will I get feedback on the inspections carried out

The Housing Service will update their website with their findings for the Estate Inspections.