Tenant Information

Rent Consultation 2023/2024

Thank you to all tenants who took part in our recent Rent Consultation on proposals for rent increases in 2023/2024. 

When asked, which rent increase option for 2023/2024 do you support?  70.9% of those who answered chose 3.0% increase, with 29.1% choosing a 6.0% increase.

When asked, do you have concerns about affordability of your rent? 32.9% answered yes, 43.2% answered some and 23.9% answered no.

When asked, would you prefer to pay a lower rent increase and delay planned works except energy efficiency work.  62.7% of tenants chose lower increase, less planned works and 37.3% of tenants chose higher increase to continue more planned works.

When asked to rank, what do you have most concerns about with the current cost of living.  66.79% selected Energy & Heating costs as being the area of most concern for them, 18.05% said Council Rent & Council Tax, 8.30% said Food Costs, 3.61% said Other and 3.25% said transport costs.


The Citizens Advice Bureau provide help and advice on benefits, maximising income, managing your money as well as advice on reducing energy costs.  You can call 01595 694696, or email sicab@shetland.org.
Website - Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau | Free, impartial and confidential advice (shetlandcab.org.uk).

If you are behind with your rent payments or worried that you can’t pay your rent, please get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss your options on 01595 744623, or email income.recovery@shetland.gov.uk.  

Website - Housing Rent – Shetland Islands Council.

Further information on How Your Rent is Spent is also available.

Our Housing Revenue Account Business Plan is also available online HRA Business Plan.


We are keen to involve tenants in future reviews of SIC rents, so if you would be interested in that, please let us know.  Email housing@shetland.gov.uk; Phone 0159507407360