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Rent Consultation 2022/2023

Rent Consultation 2022/2023

Every year we review our future plans and work out the amount of rent we need to raise to keep the Housing service running and to keep our homes up to the required standards.  Gathering and listening to our tenant views on rents is an important part of our rent setting process.  We have a 5 year business plan that gives us a guide on what our costs and income are likely to be so we can plan the services we provide. For 2022/2023 our plan was to have a rent increase of ??.

We propose that for one year only we have a rent increase at an inflation only level of 1%.  Tenants were given information on both options.

While consulting with our tenants we also took the opportunity to ask about affordability, how Covid had affected financially and if tenants would be interested in being involved in a future review of the SIC rents.  Below are the results from of our consultation.


Lerwick Rents 2021/2022


Lerwick 2021/22 1% increase
  Bedsit 1-bed 2-bed 3-bed 4-bed
Weekly rent £54.12 £70.69 £81.14 £97.72 £113.87
Increase v 20/21 £  0.54 £  0.70 £  0.80 £  0.97 £    1.13


Landward rents 2021/2022


Landward 2021/22 1% increase
  Bedsit 1-bed 2-bed 3-bed 4-bed
Amount £51.68 £67.41 £77.09 £92.83 £108.17
Increase v 20/21 £  0.51 £  0.67 £  0.76 £  0.92 £    1.07