Small Ports Information

Mid Yell

Mid Yell Pier

Mid Yell Pier Photo 1

Mid Yell has a large pier and a marina. 
You can usually find a berth at the pier but it is used round the clock by fish farms so the marina or anchor might be the better option.

Harbour Data

Position 60 36' N 01 03' W
Chart Reference 3292
North Coast of Scotland Pilot section ref 6.354
Berthage 90 metres
Water Depth 2.4 to 1.5 metres
Tidal Date (estimated)

MHWS = 2.4 MHWN = 1.9
MLWS = 0.6 MLWN = 1.1

Tidal Differences Approx time of high water from Lerwick = minus 0025

Services Available

  • Water, stores and ice for boats at Mid Yell are available from Cullivoe.
  • Truck transport by road and ferry to Shetland's Mainland is available.
  • Major town services and fishmarkets are 38 miles away by road and ferry.