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Cullivoe Pier

Collafirth Pier photo

Cullivoe in North Yell lies on the western shore of Bluemull Sound. The harbour, built in 1991, remains the most active on the island and is accessible in all states of the tide, sheltering both a pier and marina.

Harbour Data

Position 60 42' N 01 00' W
Chart Reference 3292
North Coast of Scotland Pilot section ref 6.357
Fisherman's Pilot N&W Scotland  
Berthage 250 metres
Water Depth up to 6.0 metres
Tidal Date (estimated)

MHWS = 2.6 MHWN = 1.9
MLWS = 0.5 MLWN = 1.0

Tidal Differences Approx time of high water from Lerwick = minus 0145

Services Available

The completion of the £3m redevelopment of Cullivoe harbour, including a new breakwater, reclaimation of quay space for net-mending, provision of additional sheltered deep-water berths and the dredging of the port approaches to a minimum of 5.5m.

Cullivoe can offer support services available 24 hours a day, including:

  • Fuel, ice, stores and engineering services.
  • Refrigerated road transport to Scalloway, Lerwick or any other mainland UK fish market is available.
  • Net mending facilities are also available