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Collafirth Pier



Collafirth Pier

Yell Sound is good cruising water and has secluded bays at Southladie Voe, Burra Voe, and North Collafirth. There is a pier and marina situated at Saltoo, Collafirth..
Further south are Queyfirth, Ollaberry and Gluss Voe which also provide good shelter. Yell Sound's north eastern shores are bleak and rocky, the only shelter being at Whalfirth (small pier at the head). Tide races skirt Gloup Holm and the northern end of Bluemull Sound. 
Sullom Voe has anchorage at its head, on the north side of Brae, and in Garths Voe. It is a long, very sheltered sea loch noted for its wildlife, particularly otters, seals and sea ducks.
Despite the huge oil terminal at its eastern end, handling some of the largest tankers in the world, Sullom Voe remains one of Shetland’s most tranquil and unspoilt sea lochs.

Harbour Data

Position 60 32' N 01 20' W
Chart Reference 3298
North Coast of Scotland Pilot section ref 6.299
Berthage 100 metres
Water Depth 6.0 to 5.0 metres
Tidal Date (estimated)

MHWS = 2.3 MHWN = 1.8
MLWS = 0.4 MLWN = 0.9

Tidal Differences Approx time of high water from Lerwick = minus 01:30

Services Available

  • Water and stores are available at Collafirth.
  • There is also truck access to Scalloway and Lerwick.
  • The major town services and fishermarkets are 38 miles by road.
  • Net mending facilities are available.