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West Burrafirth

West Burrafirth Pier

West Burrafirth Pier small

West Burrafirth makes a good anchorage featuring a pictish broch and shelters the pier and Ro Ro ferry terminal for the Papa Stour ferry. To the east lies uninhabited Vementry Isle and the sound of Swarbacks Minn, the entrance to Aith Voe, Olna Firth, and Busta Voe - a former naval anchorage. As you enter, look up towards Vementry’s First World War watch tower and two gun emplacements which guard the sound. The Isle also features Shetland’s best-preserved chambered cairn.

Harbour Data 

Position 60 17' N 01 32' W 
Chart Reference 3299 
North Coast of Scotland Pilot  section ref 6.47 
Berthage 100 metres 
Water Depth 5.0 to 2.5 metres 
Tidal Date (estimated)   MHWS = 2.2 MHWN = 1.7
MLWS = 0.6 MLWN = 1.0 
Tidal Differences Approx time of high water from Lerwick = minus 0155  

Toilets, showers, fresh water, fuel, telephone, waste reception, waste oil reception, launching slip.

Services Available
Water and stores are available at West Burrafirth, with truck access to Scalloway and Lerwick. 
Major town services and fishmarkets are 30 miles by road.