Joining and using the library

What can I borrow?

Your library membership allows you to borrow:

  • 20 items, of which 8 can be music CDs, 4 can be film DVDs and 2 can be Open Learning packs.


  • a combined total of 10 eBooks and eAudiobooks on both OverDrive and BorrowBox
  • Unlimited eMagazines and eComics on OverDrive
  • A tablet or a laptop (additional conditions apply)

It is completely free to borrow. 

How long can I borrow things for?

  • Books, DVDs and CDs are loaned for 4 weeks.
  • Open learning packs are loaned for 12 weeks
  • eMagazines and eComics are loaned for up to 21 days.
  • eBooks and eAudiobooks are loaned for up to 21 days.
  • Tablets are loaned for 4 weeks. (You must be 16 or over to borrow a tablet).
  • Laptops are loaned for one day.  Longer loans may be available on request.

NOTE: An acceptable Use Policy applies to all loans of electronic equipment from the Shetland Library.  You can read the policy here: Computer and Mobile Device Agreement 2021.
By borrowing the device from the library you are agreeing to the conditions listed in the policy.

I'm just visiting - can I join?

Visitors are also very welcome to join the library.

Just fill in a membership form, show some ID and give us your Shetland and home address.

You may borrow up to 5 items plus eBooks.


If the item you want is on loan or at another branch, you can reserve it, and we'll keep it for you when it's available. You can place a reservation by asking staff or by reserving online.

your account   

Suggestions and Requests

If you want an item that is not in stock, just ask staff who can help you enter a stock suggestion.  Adding items to stock depends on whether the item is suitable for our stock, of interest to other customers and within our budget.  If we puchase a book or DVD that you have suggested, we will place a request on the title for you and you will be alterted when the item is in stock.  We appreciate suggestions from customers, as it helps us spot good books.

Inter-library loans

To assist students and researchers, we can try to borrow print items from libraries outside of Shetland.  Just ask staff and we can look into ways we can help you get what you want.

This service is free for customers but the library must pay for each item it borrows.  The library reserves the right to charge for inter-library loans if customers require a large number of items.