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Local Collection

Shetland Room

We buy nearly all books published in or about Shetland, and have a big collection for you to browse and borrow. There are also reference materials including Shetland periodicals, pamphlets and maps.

The Shetland Times, Shetland News and other old newspapers going back well into the 19th century can be browsed on microfilm. Our newest, digital microfilm browser is located in the Shetland room and allows you to view, print and save articles.  You can watch a short video on how to access and use our digital microfilm browser here.


Occasionally the Library has turned publisher of poetry and local history books - browse them here.

Shetland Library publications


A brief local introduction.

Genealogy and Family History


These are materials specially created by the Library to suit different age groups.  Topics include - First World War; Second World War; Language; Crofrting; Fishing

Local history online for young people


Some links and information from the Library's projects run during the centenary of the Great War

Local history: First World War


You will find this website very useful and interesting: this is a group dedicated to promoting and celebrating the use of written and spoken Shetland dialect.  Includes a Shetland dictionary, literature, papers upon dialect topics and spoken stories.

Shetland ForWirds

Shetland Museum and Archives

We work closely with our colleagues at the museum and archive, and recommend these links:

A treasure trove of local books, documents and recordings

Shetland Archives catalogue

The photo library is particularly interesting

Museum and Archives web page

Local family history society that traces islanders' families back several centuries

Shetland Family History Society