Joining and using the library

Meeting, sitting or studying

laptop bar shetland library
  • There is a variety of seating in the public library, including several tables and a sofa area where customers are welcome to sit alone, or to meet and socialise.
  • There are sockets for plugging in laptops in several areas including the first floor laptop bar, and good wifi round most of the building.
  • There are public access computers in the ground floor Computer Room and first floor laptop bar.  There are more computers, games and jigsaws in the first floor Activity Room. (The Activity Room can only be used when the room is not needed for planned activities).
  • We do not hire out meeting rooms in this Library.  However, for library related activities such as book groups, advice drop-ins or homework clubs it may be possible to reserve an area in advance - check with staff.
  • Spaces are reserved on the proviso that exclusive use of the space is not unduly detracting from other customer's use of the library.
  • Anyone reserving a space must have a current library membership.

Sharing the Library

Sometimes the library can be noisy, and sometimes quiet.

We don't designate quiet areas in the library because people need to use our building for all different reasons, at different times of day.

We want everyone, including families and young children to feel welcome.

If noise is making it difficult for you to concentrate, there are various ways to adapt:

  • Headphones
  • Move to another area of the library
  • Use the library at quieter times of day

Where possible, help others who are trying to study by moving social conversations to other areas of the library.

Please avoid speaking loudly on mobile phones.