Noise Nuisance

What can I do about noise?

  • If you are having problems with noise nuisance in your neighbourhood and you have not been able to resolve the matter, you can contact us or SIC Housing to try and help.  Noise or nuisance problems in the community are usually caused by amplified music, noisy visitors, damage or disturbance within a property, excessive noise at antisocial hours, loud music and noisy parties.  Noise problems may also include barking dogs or noise from an industrial site.
  • You do not need to be a council tenant to report noise problems or antisocial behaviour in your neighbourhood; you can be a resident living in your own property.  People who are council tenants should report problems of antisocial behaviour to their designated Housing Officer.

What help can the Council offer?

  • Our Environmental Protection Team investigates complaints of noise from industrial, commercial and domestic activity.  They can help resolve issues and can take statutory enforcement action if need be.
  • SIC Housing can help liaise between tenants regarding complaints or antisocial behaviour.  They may also refer a complaint on to the Community Mediation Team if they are unable to come to a satisfactory resolution.

If you feel you are unable to resolve any problem with noise that is affecting you in your home and neighbourhood, you can contact us at Environmental Health or the Housing Team.